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Lenovo Financial Services operates across all 5 continents, in 40 countries. We have extensive experience and the knowledge both globally and locally to offer our clients tailor made solutions to finance their entire technology solution. Lenovo Financial Services combines market leading products with effective financial and asset management tools to provide you with a service that will save you money and improve your efficiencies. Our in-depth knowledge spanning over decades makes it easy for you to do business with us.



Operational and financial efficiency are key to maximizing bottom line profitability for any corporate entity. We offer our clients tools to ensure a cost effective IT infrastructure for the new equipment that they need. With Lenovo Financial Services, staying at the cusp of technological advancements will be easy as your equipment will always be up to date. We are specialists at offering tailor made financial and asset management solutions for Lenovo technology products for the Corporate Sector.

Small and Medium Businesses

Small and Medium Businesses can no longer ignore the financial impact that information technology has on their business. Through Lenovo Financial Services, Small and Medium Businesses can preserve their capital required to grow their business and can rest assured that Lenovo is committed to funding rates way below those offered in the market. Using our financial solutions, SMB’s can now access our market leading products immediately.

Public Sector

With our customized product suite, Lenovo Financial Services is able to tailor finance solutions typically required by the Public Sector. Our financial offering has numerous benefits  which includes saving your working capital, spending less on IT, investing in fewer depreciating assets, and scalability. A total end to end solution can be offered where and when required.


Lenovo Financial Services combines market leading Lenovo products with an effective financial and asset management solution to keep the total cost of ownership or use down. Unlike conventional financing, our innovative, subsidized, "Pay For Use” model offers our clients an unmatched value proposition in the market. You only pay for the portion of the equipment for the duration that its useful in your environment. This is beneficial for technology products in particular, which tend to have a short life span as obsolescence quickly sets in. 


Lenovo Financial Services will provide you with an effective solution to keep your equipment up to date and deferred upgrades will no longer be a problem. With regular refresh cycles, you can acquire the latest technology for your business whether you are cash rich or have limited budgets.

Our Values

At Lenovo Financial Services we highly value our people. The service and solutions our clients receive comes from them and our business grows as a result of highly satisfied clients.

Our core values reflect our basic beliefs we must embrace to continue our success. Our people are committed to deliver innovation and excellence to our clients, to execute all interactions with our clients, suppliers and partners with integrity.


Lenovo Financial Services offers a comprehensive rental and asset management solution which provides the customer the right to use equipment for a pre -defined period. At the end of the period, the customer returns the equipment back to Lenovo Financial Services and obtains new equipment as needed, obligation free. The customer does not assume the risk of ownership of the equipment or the costs associated with owning or disposing of it. Rentals are treated as an operating expense in the income statement and the financing arrangement remains off balance sheet.

Through rental financing, Lenovo Financial Services subsidises the cost of the assets through a non-recourse residual investment.  The subsidy that Lenovo Financial Services provides ensures that our customers never pay for the full cost of the equipment they get full use of. Non-recourse to you means you are not responsible for paying the residual at the end of the contract. Various end of period options are available for you to keep you ahead of the ever changing technology requirements.


Lenovo Financial Services offers our clients a free, online rental and asset enquiry facility. We couple this online facility with real time asset tracking solutions to give our customers total control of their assets and rental contracts.


This online facility has details of:

  • All schedules/contract numbers

  • Inception dates

  • Expiry dates

  • Cost centres and locations

  • Serial numbers of all rented assets

  • Full descriptions of rented assets

  • Rentals due

  • Part settled assets etc.


This will give customers access to all details and information pertaining to their rental assets. For more on our asset tracking solution, click here


The majority of businesses today need to invest extensively in IT infrastructures in pursuit of greater productivity from an increasingly mobile, diverse and often demanding workforce.

In addition to regulatory requirements and sound governance, the quest for measuring and managing profitability demands accurate tracking of IT assets and their performance.

The need for precise IT inventory information is further demonstrated by published Gartner research that has revealed discrepancies of up to 30% between expected and actual inventories for servers, workstation and software licenses and even higher variations for expected and actual software usage.



Lenovo Financial Services stands apart in its CSI initiatives. We clearly demonstrate what we do with your returned redundant assets.

After refurbishing and reconditioning your redundant assets, we re-market them with full 3 year warranties at significantly reduced pricing to schools, teachers, small businesses etc. who would otherwise not afford new Tier 1 products.


This allows you our client, to make a difference with your retired assets by giving access to technology to everyone and creating much needed employment and downstream industry.



1. Why should I use Lenovo Financial Services when I can use my own cash or get financing from the bank directly?

2. How does Lenovo Financing actually work?

3. What happens at the end of the rental term?

4. Is the rental off balance sheet?

5. How will I know that my equipment is coming to end of term?

6. Are the rentals payable to Lenovo Financial Services by me tax deductible?



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