The majority of businesses today need to invest extensively in IT infrastructures in pursuit of greater productivity from an increasingly mobile, diverse and often demanding workforce.

In addition to regulatory requirements and sound governance, the quest for measuring and managing profitability demands accurate tracking of IT assets and their performance.

The need for precise IT inventory information is further demonstrated by published Gartner research that has revealed discrepancies of up to 30% between expected and actual inventories for servers, workstation and software licenses and even higher variations for expected and actual software usage.

By using Lenovo's Asset Tracking tool to audit, track and manage your IT assets, you receive immediate answers to questions such as:

  • What assets do I have?

  • What is the configuration of my assets?

  • What software resides on my hardware?

  • Where are my assets located?

  • Have there been any changes to the specifications of my assets?

  • Which assets do not meet minimum specifications, where are they located and who are the users?

  • Have any assets gone missing?

The amount of time involved, as well as cost and reliability of  IT infrastructure audits conducted using niche tools and/or manual methods has discouraged many CIO’s and Directors from committing to this important process in a regular or proper way. A result of this oversight is the entire IT asset life-cycle from planning through to disposal can be impacted both negatively and expensively. Asset registers also never get matched to the actual inventory.

In addition, your business may experience increasing external pressure to comply with corporate governance standards regarding IT asset management and may need to achieve full ISO 199770-1 compliance, depending on the size of the organisation.

Our asset tracking tool answers all these needs with its fast, resource-friendly and accurate inventory discovery and management capabilities and will provide a complete overview of the environment while making hardware and software details available through a “one-click” easy reporting system.

The solution has been designed to scale very well within all types of organisations, providing a current and accurate overview of the entire IT environment. Naturally this also helps IT managers make better decisions when it comes to upgrading the environment or when software compliance reports are required.


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